Nextcloud 28.0.4 : Probable bug on status message

I updated just last night my nextcloud server on Ubuntu 22.04 / Php 8.3 to the latest 28.0.4 release. All seems to works smooth but this morning i can see my status as “In a Meetng”.
I tried to clear status but the issue come back after few seconds.
Take in account i don’t have nothing in my calendar it’s empty except for the Italian pubblic holidays (and today is no marked as pubblic holiday). As i never had this issue in previous release i guess this could be just a small bug.
In my situation is nothing too important as i am the only user and neither use calendar but probably it could be serious for whom use it for collaboration tasks.

Before you were on the 28.0.3 or on 27. something?

Logfiles are always interesting…

Thank for your answer. Well before i was on 28.0.3 . I installed 28.0.3 just a week ago as first nextcloud installation so i do not come from previous versions (just fresh). This happen now after updtating to 28.0.4. I also discovered something that seems an old story but i was not able to understand how it was fixed. Well in connection with this behaviour the log file now write " DbalException
An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[23505]: Unique violation: 7 ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “user_status_uid_ix” DETAIL: Key (user_id)=(my user id) already exists."

I think is related as i log this everytime i change my status to online and it suddenly as described become “in a meeting”.
I tried to logoff/logon with no results.
Any ideas?

Can you share your config.php? Such database conflicts should not happen, not sure if you “just” have sqlite then it might be more problematic in general and a good idea to switch to a real database.

Thank you for your support. IT Systems in a way are a bit crazy. I did not changed nothing waiting for your answers. In the meantime i had issues with my external backup drive…once i fixed this after a couple of status changes in nextcloud i found it working again this morning without touching a bit in nextcloud conf. nor php conf. . By my side those events should not be related as the backup was not running and rsync shouldn’t change (and did not) original permissions so …it is a bit mysterious. Also there are no new logged warnings/errors so let’s consider this case closed :slight_smile: Thank you.

There are some background jobs, especially for sessions, perhaps it check plausibility of user’s status as well.

Well probably you could be right as the issue came back.
In reality as i use several NC client connected , some of them (e.g: windows client) often sleeps (i put PC on sleep mode) or simply closing tabs could “confuse” NC in establish the real user’s state.
Anyway in my case, being the solely user it does not affect at all my operations so by my side i won’t investigate further. Thank you.

Hi! I encountered the same error when switching from version 27.1.8 → 28.0.4
Using docker:

pull & up -d - ok no error
. The next cloud will switch the automation to maintenance mode on
How to use: docker exec -u 33 -it root_app_1 php occ upgrade get this output:
Setting log level to debug Updating database schema Updated database Updating <support> ... Updated <support> to 1.11.1 Updating <user_status> ... Exception: Database error when running migration 1008Date20230921144701 for app user_status An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[23505]: Unique violation: 7 ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "user_status_uid_ix" DETAIL: Key (user_id)=(B73B88CA-7E82-42DD-A202-65788EF40C1B) already exists. Update failed Maintenance mode is kept active Resetting log level

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