Nextcloud 28.0.2 ignores file locks for most things including Nextcloud Office

Nextcloud version: 28.0.2
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 22.04
Nginx version: nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)
PHP version: 8.1

Collabora CODE version:
Files_lock version: 28.0.1

Also filed as bug here.

The issue you are facing:

Nextcloud appears to ignore file locks for most things, including Nextcloud Office (Collabora). I noticed this when I upgraded from NC 26.x to NC28.0.2

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes

Steps to replicate it:

  1. User A creates a .md file with contents

  2. File is locked

  3. File cannot be edited. This is expected behaviour.

  4. User A creates a .odt file with contents

  5. File is locked for external editing via NC client.

  6. User B is able to edit the file using NC Office, and save new contents, creating collision with local editor. This is new and unexpected behaviour.

  7. User A creates any file

  8. File is locked using web interface

  9. File can still be moved, renamed, etc. This is new and unexpected behaviour.

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:

No applicable logs or configuration files.

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You wrote in the bug report, that you updated your productive server.
One should allways first test if all the features you rely on work on a test server. Especially since one could read here in the forum that there are tons of problems with NC 28. :wink:

I assume that you have created a backup of each intermediate step, so I would recommend that you restore the backup from Nextcloud 27.1 and continue working with 27.1 until everything works.

Much and good luck,

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Sorry, how does publicly posting your smug comment contribute to the resolution of this bug? Or does it simply make you feel warm and fuzzy to preach? Please delete your comment so that we can focus on the bug in this thread.

Hi @tarek,

I’m terribly sorry if you took my well-intentioned advice the wrong way.
What’s so complacent about my comment? I wanted to show a posibility, how you and your team can continue to work without any difficulties.
Of course, work will be done to solve the problem; you have already opened a bug report for that. But that doesn’t solve your acute problem that complications arise in your flow.

What did you expect here in the help forum? We can give advise how to solve acute problems.

You wrote

As our team uses NC Office (Collabora) a lot, this is poised to be a huge problem if not resolved very quickly.

Any ideas on how best to proceed?

I seriously saw the solution in downgrading to a more stable version. If that doesn’t help you, then I’m terribly sorry. But then you will have to wait and deal with the software as it is now, until a solution to the problem is developed. I have no influence on that. It may be resolved quickly - in a couple of days, but it may also take months.

So please don’t bite the hand that is offered you to help…

peace :heart:

Much and good luck,

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Thank you then for giving me the opportunity to reflect to you how poorly your comment comes off. Perhaps it wasn’t obvious to you that I’m not asking for sysops advice, but rather am trying to gain eyes on a bug that represents an important regression. I thought it would be clear from the topic or the contents of the message, neither of which implicitly or explicitly ask for your advice on sysops.

I assume you’ll take your own advice to “not bite the hand that is offered you to help”, and accept my recommendation you delete your comments so that this thread can remain committed to the bug.

You have already created a bug report. A crosspost in the community forum does not speed things up and is therefore only useful if you are either looking for advice from the community or want to make the community aware of this bug.


No it was not, because in fact you did:

Any ideas on how best to proceed?

On the other hand, it’s not a good idea at all to put any form of pressure on the developers, some of whom work on this wonderful software suite in their free time - making it available as a gift - by saying anything like “this is poised to be a huge problem if not resolved very quickly.”.

and to take this pressure off of both - the developers and your team, I made this suggestion, which was a direct answer to your question above. So please just come back down.


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The advice I’m looking for is related to the bug specifically. The “advice” offered was in no way useful, especially delivered with the smug tone. Its writer appears to not have contemplated the possibility that they were communicating with somebody who might not be inferior to them.

The bug post is in a seldom used repo and very likely isn’t specific to that module considering that it works sometimes.

I came here to talk about bugs, not to flame war. Let’s please try to stay on topic.

You still seem to be struggling with how your communications are coming off or admitting that you made a mistake. This is arrogance and I urge you to reflect and stop repeating this mistake. I am here to talk about a bug. Your advice is the equivalent of telling me I should eat a balanced breakfast, and then you doubled down twice.

However, in your comments there is one useful piece of input: That my wording might create undue anxiety. I will reword to communicate the severity of the bug in non-emotive terms. Thank you for that. Now please leave this thread unless you have something useful to contribute regards the bug. This thread is not about sysops. It’s about a bug. Your posts are condescending and off topic.

I think you have mixed up your posts. What you posted here as a supposed basis for discussion is actually a bug report, and would be better suited for GitHub, while your post on GitHub could be a basis for discussion because it contains an actual question, and therefore would have been a better fit for the forums.

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I’ll make sure to report to the moderators that their template for new posts in this category is incorrect. In the meantime, do you have anything useful to contribute to the discussion of the bug? For example, a potential hint about what might be causing it? Or perhaps a code block or file that one might look at to try to debug?

If not, no need to reply. Really.

There is no question in your original post. The template is meant to give the community the details they need to give you proper advice. But there’s no point in posting to the forums if you’re not looking for advice.

If you had posted your GitHub post here, a possible answer to your question "Any ideas on how best to proceed? " could havve been: “File a bug report on Github”. Whereupon you could have posted what you have now posted here on GitHub as a bug report. (You still can, and should do that).

The forum is meant for community support, and GitHub is the place to report bugs. You don’t need to discuss anything there unless you are actively involved in development and the discussion is about how to best implement a fix. You don’t need to discuss things in the forums either, as 99.9% of the time it’s pointless. However, you may or may not accept advice from other forum members. :wink: