Nextcloud 28.0.2 Correct PHP Module Extensions to use

I am in the process of installing Apache2 to support my new Nextcloud 28.0.2 installation and I am not 100% what is the correct PHP Module Extension sudo command I need to use for Apache2 Webserver setup so that it is in harmony with Nextcloud v28.0.2 and minimize Nextcloud installation errors. Which of the three SUDO commands listed below is the best one to use for Nextcloud v28.0.2? Or if none of the options below are adequate please post the correct SUDO command. Thank you for your time.

sudo phpenmod bcmath gmp imagick intl
sudo a2enmod dir env headers mime rewrite ssl
sudo a2enmod rewrite headers dir mime env setenvif ssl

Without knowing the distribution
we can’t say, but all of this is documented in the manual: