Nextcloud 27.1.4 upgrade = TALK (iphone) instant crash

Been running server v27.1.3 for “ages” without any issues. When upgrading from v24 to v27 there was an strange error where the phone did not show the user avatar from the one that messaged you. Instead it said something about “encryption” (like it could not read something due to permissions). Still I could click the notification and it opened the message. After desperately trying out things it suddenly worked again and v27.1.3 worked perfect ever since.

So last night i upgraded server from 27.1.3 —> 27.1.4. Talk on the iphone worked fine, but the “encrypted” with generic talk icon notification was back.

Thought I should try removing the app from my phone and install/login again.

That was a big disaster. After reinstalling app and entering server/user/password and granting access… CRASH!!!.. No matter what i try… CRASH!!!

I have tried creating access token as well… Scanning QR… Same result.

I do see in my server privacy that the device do get registered (looks ok).

But app crashes instantly on opening.

iphone is latest ios (17.1.1)

Is it only here, or is this a serious bug?

Ironically… on IPAD with latest (17.1) it works perfect!


A new release is being prepared:

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Just read the message above your message: NC crash after update 17.1.2 · Issue #1428 · nextcloud/talk-ios · GitHub

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17.1.3 was released to the App Store which should fix the mentioned issues :slight_smile:

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Already updated 30 mins ago :slight_smile:

Good job!

@SysKeeper Seems there still is a bug. No big deal as I found a solution.

However the solution is simple:

Go to phone settings/Nextcloud Talk notifications and turn OFF, then back ON (I did them all: contacts/local network/mic/camera/mobile data). Just tick to off, then on again and notifications suddenly are back to normal with username+avatar for notifications :slight_smile: