NextCloud 27.0.2 - Reverse Proxy through Cloudflare. Login Hangs

Running NC 27.0.2 on Mint Linux http at port 21800. Setup https cloudflare tunnel. Login page displays and takes my login and pw but continues to spin after watching this for 20 minute I refreshed page in my browser and was magically logged in. Acted like the login never really finished but a page refresh showed I was logged in. Mobile app has similar issue but unable to refresh. Mobile app Eventually returns Error.

The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error-999.) NSErrorFailingURLKey http://nextcloud.mydom.coml/index.php/login/flow/grant?clientIdentifier=&user=&direct=0&statetoken=XXXLONGTOKEN

Are there some “override” settings I should be using for the cloudflare reverse proxy to work completely without the hang up on the login

Disable Cloudflare Rocket Loader