Nextcloud 26 for UCS Appstore

I wanted to ask if there is any news or timeline on when we can expect an Update for the Nextcloud App in the UCS Store to Version 26 since the newest release there is the now unsupported Version 25?
The UCS support points here for anwsers…

May I ask what the UCS store is?

Sure, with that I mean the App Center for the Univention UCS.
And I mean specifically the following App: Nextcloud Hub - Univention App Center
Which is according to the Store Page maintained directly by Nextcloud.

To be frank I don’t know if I posted this in the correct Categorie but this seemed to be the most fitting one

Just a wild guess… Is it possible that Univention still uses an older PHP version than 8.0? If so, Nextcloud versions newer than 25 will not work.

Afaik, Univention is still based on Debian 11, which includes PHP7.4. This means that in order to use Nextcloud versions newer than 25, they would either need to upgrade their base to Debian 12 or provide another way to install and use newer PHP versions.

So unless one of the above things is happening / possible, Nextcloud cannot be updated, and you’d probably better off installing it in a VM: UCS Virtual Machine Manager - Univention App Center

So I just checked the PHP Version we us on our UCS Installation and it is indeed below version 8.0…
I guess it realy is time to set up a separate VM for Nexctloud, but will also link this thread to my question on the Univention Side in hope that they will react to it.

The PHP-version on the Univention server does not matter.
More important is the PHP-version in the Nextcloud docker container.

I am using Univention Server 5.0-5 with PHP 7.3.31 and the Univention Nextcloud 25.0.9 in a Docker container. Insinde the docker container there is PHP 8.1.2 running.

So the Nextcloud developers have the recent PHP version available.

Ah ok. I didn’t know Univention is using Docker to install its apps.