Nextcloud 25 - hiding section Personal settings > Security > Password


since NC version 25 and it’s reworked UI we’re facing the issue that we don’t know how to hide the ‘Change password’ area in ‘Settings / Security’.
Same for the Federated Cloud Sharing menu in Admin, Sharing.

In versions before it was possible with adding a custom .scss file that contains

/* hide the Change password area in Settings / Security */
#security-password {
	display: none;

/* hide the Federated Cloud Sharing menu in Admin, Sharing */
#fileSharingSettings {
	display: none;

Due to the UI rework, these CSS classes are not existing anymore.

We tried out this:

.settings-section:has(form[id="passwordform"]) {

display: none;


But the has selector is not working in e.g. in FireFox browsers.

Are there any other options to disable the sections mentioned?

We are using NextCloud as a docker image, building it with the attached Dockerfile

Many thanks in advance for your advises