Nextcloud 25 - Disable 'Accessibility' theme

Hi there.

I just upgraded to NC 25 and found that the ‘Appearance and Accessibility’ app had been converted from an app and placed in core code. I did not have the accessibility app installed in previous versions.

I found that the accessibility theme has been turned on by default and is overriding my ability to control the theme I want on my server.

The accessibility them is ugly and I want Breeze Dark back. I have enabled Breeze Dark, but it never changes back.

Not having a control to disable the accessibility theme and select the theme I want on my server in the web UI is a bug. I tried to submit a bug ticket, since missing configuration switches are a HUGE bug, but Simon L. was hostile and closed the ticket saying i was “asking a question.” There were no questions in my bug ticket. Below is a screenshot of your own message in the UI saying to report issues on GitHub.

Simon L. is very hostile and secretive about all things Nextcloud. He stated there is certainly a way to disable the accessibility theme, which your developers have so rudely forced upon my self-hosted installation, but refused to divulge the secret or link to the place in the documentation at outlines this.

Per the request of Simon L, I am asking in the forum. I have searched the forum for my answer, but can not find a post about this BUG.

Please tell me how to fix this bug and get my self-hosted installation back to the way I want it, and not with this ugly accessibility theme. I am the only user of MY installation. I don’t use a screen reader. My ability to administer my own server must not be diminished by the opinions of the NC developers. My server, My theme. Not yours.

Thank you.

I’m already on NC 26 or later, there is no Breeze Dark theme, just a dark theme. Was this on the defaults before?

I just found an app with this name, not sure if it does what you want to do or if it is that what you originally did and which isn’t working any more:

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