Nextcloud 25.0.2 with SuiteCRM 8.2.2 possible? How?

sadly installed both newst versions (25.0.2 and 8.2.2)
Now I read Nextcloud works only on version 24 with SuiteCRM 7, is that correct?
If there is a way to make them work together (maybe some path-changes in code?), please tell me how?

Since I read that the API on 25 is on
and made few app-skeleton tutorials I changed
<nextcloud min-version="22" max-version="24"/> into 25
in nextcloud/apps/integration_suitecrm/appinfo/info.xml

Also on nextcloud/apps/integration_suitecrm/lib/Service/SuiteCRMAPIService.php

$url = $suitecrmUrl . '/Api/index.php/V8/' . $endPoint;
$url = $url . '/Api/access_token';


$url = $suitecrmUrl . '/legacy/Api/index.php/V8/' . $endPoint;
$url = $url . '/legacy/Api/access_token';

The connected-accounts in administration settings appears now.
But as newbie I might got stuck with the OAuth2, keys or sort,
SuiteCRM instance address , user name or password creditals.

On logs it always says "/index.php/apps/integration_suitecrm/oauth-connect","message":"Could not detect any host

A tutorial how to create all such Api-Keys and where that path/account comes from, would be great…

After providing the right keys and secrets it seems to work with the changes above.
So Nextcould 25.0.2 with SuiteCRM 8.2.2 is possible.

But sadly I could not find any documentation for that app. (Which I find strange because it’s a promoted nextcloud app)
Would like to help to extend funcionality but without docs it’s crawling around in the source, what slows down any effords.