Nextcloud 24.0.2 - most image files / types are being downloaded instead of openend within the browser


I’ve upgraded our instance to nextcloud 24.0.2. I noticed a problem in the files app:

In nextcloud 23.0.5, jpg and png files were displayed directly in the browser. In version 24.0.2 jpg and png files are no longer displayed directly in the browser, instead they are downloaded. Gif-Files are still being displayed in the browser.

Do you know whether this is a desired change from version 23 to 24, or whether it is a bug?

I’ve tried to view jpg and png in Chrome ( and Microsoft Edge ( on Windows 10 (21H2). It’s a virtual Server, running RHEL 8, Postgresql 13.7 and PHP 7.4.19. The photos-App is disabled, it’s all about the files app :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your help.


it’s a bug → [Bug]: After upgrade to 24.0.1 can't open images withou generating previews · Issue #32754 · nextcloud/server · GitHub