Nextcloud 24.0.12 not share file interns with deck 1.7.4

Hello good
Since I updated nextcloud to version 24.0.12, the app deck stopped attaching internal files from nextcloud. The user has permissions to the shared folder. The sharing window freezes. The interesting thing is that the option to share external files does leave it and uploads them to the deck folder correctly.
It also does not allow linking a project, a card and a conversation, the same thing happens, the window stays frozen.
NextCloud log does not show any errors or warnings
any ideas?

thank you very much partners

I’ve update to 25.0.12 and it work app deck with attaching internal files but now it can´t attach conversations, cards and boards but it`s no problem for me

thank you


Same problem here.
Not limited to deck, it also happen when I want to add a link to a table.
The file picker opens, I select a file, the file picker closes, but the link isn’t added.
If retry to add a link, the file picker opens again, but freezes while generating the files preview.

In my case, this broke out of the blue, not after an version update (I’m on 28.0.2