NextCloud 23 - Where is the file sharing app?

Hello all!

After an update to NC 23.0.0, it seems that the app file_sharing is no longer available, which prevents me from sharing files with unregistered users.

However the admin panel requests me to activate this App:

Did I miss something? Is it indeed no longer possible to generate public links with NC 23?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

I think File Sharing is not in the App Store because it is a default app.
Search File Sharing in your Nextcloud GUI under Apps and Search.

It is possible. I think it is the best feature of Nextcloud :wink:
I use Nextcloud 23 and it works. :wink:

My bad, it is indeed in my app list, only unactivated… Thanks for pointing this out!

However, when I try to activate it:

Any idea what can have gone wrong during the update to 23.0?

And so do I :grinning: , I used it on a daily basis


Read this.

php occ app:disable files_sharing
rm ~/USER/nextcloud/apps/files_sharing/appinfo/database.xml
php occ app:enable files_sharing

Perhaps with sudo:

sudo -u www-data ...

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Thank you so much for this!

I indeed only had to remove the appinfo/database.xml and everything is now working like a charm.

Big thanks for your help, and for all the devs behind NC!!

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