Nextcloud 21 behave weird. images appears broken

I just installed the nextcloud 21 on my server but it is acting a bit weird.
pages are not loading as they should. when i click on the files i get the message ‘This operation is forbidden’.
also when i click on to Photos i get to see that the thumbnails appears like placeholders instead of the thumbnail Photo.
check the image below to have a look how some images appears broken.

can someone help me to fix this?
my server has enough memory 8G and the is CPU x4.

Unless you elaborate in details HOW you installed Nextcloud - no!

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i installed my nextcloud machine by using the shell scripts i got from the GitHub page.
i did precisely what is written on the GitHub page.
these are the links i follow to get the nextcloud installed. GitHub - nextcloud/vm: 💻☁📦 The Nextcloud VM (virtual machine appliance), Home/SME Server and scripts for RPi (4). Community developed and maintained. and
this is not the first time i’m installing the nextcloud with this shell scripts.
my older nextcloud machine version 20.0.5 is working fine with no problems. i decided to have a try by installing the newer version 21.0.2 but it seems that it has some problems.