Nextcloud 20 VM issues

Hello all,

I have been using Nextcloud for some time now in a turnkey LXC in proxmox. All was well until I received the message that PHP7.2 will not be supported anymore and couldn’t figure out how to update PHP inside the LXC. Around the same time, the Nexcloud Android App started to spit out errors (“Malformed server configuration”) when auto-uploading pictures from camera.

Long story short I decided to switch to a regular VM instead of a container and found the ready made VM from the download section.

I went through a bit of trouble to switch from the old install that was using MSQL to the new VM that is using POSTGRESQL but in the end I can see all the users and files.

But not all is great and I have the following issues with this install:

  1. In my old setup I would access nextcloud remote using a domain I own and a reverse proxy with LetsEncript certificate (e.g. https:/ This would take me directly to the login page.
    In the new VM If I go to the same address I first get a default nextcloud page listing how to access Nextcloud, how to access Webmin, Adminer etc. If I click on the link to access Nextcloud (which looks like my initial link) I am taken to the login page but now the link has been changed to:


How can I get rid of the default initial page and the “/nextcloud/index.php” bit from the link?

  1. This next issue is related to the first one. Because of the “/nextcloud/index.php” bit, I can no longer grant access to the desktop Nexcloud client. I am taken to the grant access button. I press it and then nothing happens. The desktop client waits 30s then waits another 30s, and on and on.

  2. The Android App still gives me the error about Malformed Server Configuration. I have no idea where to start to debug that one.

Can anyone help me out with these problems? I am quite invested with nextcloud since I use it to replace Dropbox. So i really need this to work.



I think the url with “cloud” and “nextcloud” is not correct.
I think there is a configuration error on your (virtual) webserver (apache2 or nginx).

Please post a link the documentation you used for installation.
Please post your apache2/nginx and nextcloud configurations.

This sounds like you still need to activate tls.
This is done by running the activate tls script through:
sudo bash /var/scripts/
or just topen the main_menu by running sudo bash /var/scripts/ → choose server configuration → activate tls

You are correct about tls but not about the solution! I have eventually found someone else with the same problem and they mentioned tls and got me thinking. In my nginx conf file I had to redirect to instead of http://. So this is solved now and my desktop client can sync!

So 1 and 2 are done! i am not sure what to do about 3!