Nextcloud 20 upgrade FAIL

@Baggers did you this?

I only had 2 that I could see I got loads of fails when doing the update but yes I just enabled both of them. Im probably going to end up redoing the whole thing if I dont get the core apps when the server comes back up

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I did it - but id does not work.

Even if you enable them the icons DO NOT appear in the tool bar…It’s an utter mess…

Nextcloud is turning into a MONSTER application - but mostly I want a RELIABLE calendar, contacts, tasks…There is not point doing rocket scinece if the basics are not working properly …

The only option for me is to revert to NC19:

  • restore one week old (ie lose one weeks data) backup ov NC19
  • restore the config fron one week ago
  • REvert the Pg database fo NC19 schema…
  • BLOCK all updates for nextcloud - from docker and from app itself…

Hours of wated time…All I want is a calender and contacts…!!

lol - All Sizzle (new dashboard) and no Bang !

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I already gave you the links to the release files for the apps. Place them into apps/ and you are good.

This is obviously not the case. The upgrade fails and leaves things in a broken state. You cannot simply just remove the .state file to get things back either. You have to restore from backups.

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Sorry for that, it is OK for me as explained, maybe another issue?