Can Someone Pause Update Distribution Until Servers Are Working Properly?

There is a new thread almost every 15 min with people complaining about failed updates due to slow servers:

This has been going on for a few days now. It leaves people partly with broken instances.

I think it would make sense to pause the update notification or offer it to much fewer people. I read somewhere that Nextcloud has a mechanism implemented for this.

The gain would be to prevent bad experiences for admins and users and loss of reputation, since Nextcloud does not really look “enterprise ready” atm, when it can’t even handle updates properly.

I hope it is OK to tag you, since it is urgent IMHO:

@nickvergessen @ChristophWurst @MorrisJobke

Since we haven’t seen any official statement regarding this in the past few days, I am not sure whether anything is done regarding this. If yes, feel free to ignore me. Thanks!



The download server seem to be overloaded by the desktop client update. This causes the downloads to be slow.

The App Store is some different issue where we hit some other problems regarding some suspicious requests.

@jospoortvliet Maxbe we disable the updates for the maintenance releases for now.


Alos in general the slow download server should not cause problems with the updates that break instances. The update will not just be completed and the instance will only have one more downloaded file in the updater download folder but stay stable and running (this folder is cleaned up later on).

And for the appstore: @blizzz looked into it lately. Maybe there is still something to improve.


Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. The slow download would end up timing out (reaching a PHP timeout) and then the site would be left in maintenance mode. Simply turning maintenance mode off doesn’t fix it, as some of the files are changed in the nextcloud directory before the download finishes!

The only way to recover is to restore from backups.