Nextcloud 20.0.3 Talk Screen Share Issue

So I would like to replace Zoom calls with Talk. I just tried to video chat using Talk. When screen sharing, I get this mirroring effect (infinity windows) when Nextcloud has the focused window. If I switch to a different tab or application, it goes away. Selecting the browser tab that Nextcloud is using, the mirroring effect returns. Doesn’t matter if I select Screen, application window, or browser tab. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a tip on resolving this screen mirroring effect? Thanks in advanced.

PHP 7.4
Ubuntu server 20.04.1
Nextcloud 20.0.3
Brave Browser (Chrome)
Video Camera - Off

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. The behavior you are describing is expected - you are sharing a window which displays a video. In your case, this video is one of your own screen, sharing a video, which is one of your screen, …

You get the gist.

The only reason you do not see this in Zoom is that they have an independent application that minimizes itself upon start of a full screen share.


So is there, or what is the recommended way to effectively do a demonstration of Nextcloud with potential users using Talk?

The easiest option probably is to basically do the same thing that Zoom does:

  • open your talk call in one browser window.
  • open a second browser window where you log into your demonstration Nextcloud instance
  • share that second window in the call
  • minimize the call window


(at least that’s how I always do it)

I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

I get the same “Infinity” or “Mirror” effect. It’s worth noting that when I use Wire inside a browser to share screen, it has no Infinity or Mirror effect. It’s not an application. It’s all inside the browser so there must be a way to avoid this Infinity effect. Unsure how they do it, but it’s great to not have the Mirror effect.

I also only get the “Infinity” or “Mirror” effect when on the browser running Nextcloud. When switching to different running applications or browser it goes away. So it only happens within the browser running Nextcloud.

Is there any way to get rid of the Infinity or Mirror effect when screen sharing in NC talk?