Nextcloud 19 RC2 is here - help us test it!

Hey there!

Nextcloud 19 is near to release and the second release candidate for this version is here!

A lot of issues have been fixed after feature freeze and next week we will make available another release candidate. Nextcloud 19 is now a step closer!

Help us test Nextcloud 19 - RC2 is here

With the release candidate, we’re at a point where there are some open issues we want to address for final, but we can’t find any new issues anymore. So we need help!

Our internal testing has revealed problems, that now are resolved and we can’t find serious problems anymore. But Nextcloud is used in many more ways than we realistically can test: on all kinds of devices, using a crazy variety of web servers, PHP versions, databases and so on. Testing is not that simple!

Every piece in the stack below Nextcloud, from Linux kernels to PHP, webserver, caching server, database and so on – they all can create problems that we have to work around. But then we have to know about those problems and that is where you all come in. Your help testing Nextcloud in YOUR environment the way you use it is valuable to us! Only then can we be sure it will work for you when we release the final Nextcloud 19!

So who is up for some testing and issue reporting? :smiley:

Download Nextcloud 19 RC2


Version 19 “just works”. Can’t wait to see what version 20 brings to the table.

As far as bugs go most of them have been ironed out… not sure if we need a RC3. Might be best just to move it straight to release.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the pull request for 13397. I’d really appreciate file checksums being integrated for data integrity but it seems to have dropped off the radar for NC19.

I’m also not sure what the status is with implementing a command to remove previews from a S3 backend. Especially orphaned previews which seemed to happen in my initial testing prior (which are reported).

But otherwise as far as I’m concerned NC19 is ready.

RC2 compared to RC1 (See Fixes etc. Click the link)

19 is soon ready!

I hoped this HTML escaping would be fixed in 19.0.0 (Devices & sessions)

Im also affected by this:

I’d also like to welcome this PR to 19. It would be useful to others to allow IPv6 whitelisting over web gui

Kind regards,

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I don’t know how internal tests exactly look like and consequently the following idea might be irrelevant, however, remembering the major release of NC 17 and NC 18 they had some severe issues which were only triggered by apps.

So a clean NC server was running perfectly fine, but

  • upgrading NC with the app “groupfolders” enabled (for example) was resulted in a white web page after the update and manual interaction via SSH were necessary
  • due to another enabled app, sharing files to internal users was not possible
  • with an unavailable federated share users were unable to access their NC home directory and could access their files only via favorites (if they had set favorites)

In many cases the temporary solution for such issues was to disable specific apps.

Therefor I would like to ask, if not already the case: could you maybe perform updates and tests with the most important/ most used of all the available apps enabled?

In case specific apps trigger issues, this could maybe be fixed before release or the information about that issue could be provided together with the release announcements in a form like: please disable the following apps beforehand to avoid the following issues.

I understand if someone says: “well, go ahead and do that yourself!”, but I don’t have the capacity right now and just hope that other people, who have, like the idea and are willing to check for such issues.


It says here

The improvements under development include:
  • The introduction of automatic logout
  • Password reuse limitations
  • Automatic account locking in response to failed login attempts
  • Password expiration features
  • Passwordless login

Most of these will come with the upcoming Nextcloud Hub release next month.

Will the automatic logout come in the v.19 final or is it postponed to v.20?

[PHP] Error: session_start(): A session had already been started - ignoring at /var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Session/Internal.php#209

GET /logout?requesttoken=ynDvLSi0Tpqy7PJfGoy2RfUunDtyo%2FaNT2qtLGq2pPE%3D%…%3D
from at 2020-05-15T08:57:09+00:100:

This error is new for me. It appeared after installing the RC2. After every logout I see this error in the logs.
Ubuntu 20.04
Nginx 1.18.0
PHP-fpm 7.4.6

For what, OS is it designed for?


I notice 2 bugs :
When i add a group, I can see this :

And if I try to change the nickname of “User” (for exemple, “user_bis” instead of “user”), I have to press enter key to edit the nickname. If I click on the :heavy_check_mark: , nothing change. (Same behavior for email adress)

Thanks to NextCloud Team for his great job :heart_eyes:

I would like to be a tester. Can you let me know where I can submit issues.

Can NC 19 be installed along side the other version or do I have to replace the old version or use a different machine to host NC19?

Can we find a changelog or release notes anywhere?

yes you can install an other NextCloud on the same machine… For exemple, install NextCloud 18 in /var/www/nextcloud18 and 19 in /var/www/nextcloud19.

I think that its better to install beta version of nextcloud on another machine on local. You should not install Beta version for production, so you dont need a public installation of NC19.

There are some apps missing. So for those that rely on self-installed apps not bundled with NC itself, make sure that they do work fine on NC19 prior to scheduling the update. For me (sorted by priority), these apps do work fine on NC19: two factor…, nextbackup, group folder, polls, bookmarks, preview generator, rainloop. These work fine but they are “not compatible”: Impersonate (marked “official”, yet “not compatible”?!, two factor e-mail. These don’t work yet or are not marked compatible yet: group quota, onlyoffice (marked official but incompatible!?) community document server(!), external user authentication, checksums, occ web, ransomware… . Of course there are more apps, I only listed those that seem relevant to a wider audience.

I think of all these, the team should ensure that these are available when NC 19 gets released: impersonate, community document server, onlyoffice, external user authentication.

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Not sure if it will be fixed in NC19 final. See and

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ONLYOFFICE Connector 4.1.4 app working fine for me (with a standalone OO server)…

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I installed 19. Unfortunately the system did not create the right database entries for contacts. I was not able to add any. The error message I got was something with import of contacts disabled because there was no address book. I manually had to add the system and the admin user to the oc_addressbooks table (compared it to my production environment). From there it seemed to work fine.



I always have a /var/www/testcloud installation on my machine, where I install the beta version. Of course you also need a separate data directory, and a dedicated vhost like to let it run separately.


Does the gallery app work again?

It’s a pity that there is no more information about new features. This is kind of essential for good testing. Well we can look for ourselves, checkout github issues, but that takes more time we could spend in more specific testing.

Please don’t forget about the apps. Many are community driven and need support to get updated and tested.