Nextcloud 19, Community Document Server: Failed to start allfontsgen

Dear all,
I have installed a Nextcloud server a couple of months ago and I am very happy with this application. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get OnlyOffice up and running.
What I did so far was:
Update to Nextcloud 19 via web updater
Install the OnlyOffice Connector
Dowload the Community Document Server v0.1.6 for Nextcloud 19 from
Upload this tar.gz file to my webspace an extract it into the nextcloud apps directory

Whenever I activate the Community Document Server via web, I get this error:
Failed to start allfontsgen

Does somebody have any ideas?

Hi yocu,

which device are you running NC on? Do you know the processor type? Intel, AMD, Arm, …


hello @yocu

welcome to the forum und thanks for your first participation.

our nc-guidelines and the nc-code-of-conduct kindly ask the user to check for already available solutions on your problem before posting your question on the forum. just to keep the forum as clean as possible.

in your case the searchterm allfontsgen would have gotten you here:

if that won’t help you or if you already did a search on the forum it’s helpful to mention it in your initial posting. as well as some more information about the problematic instance.

good luck

Hi mbcon,
hy hoster says: it is a Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 Processor.

Thank you, JimmyKater,
I saw this issue, but I do not have an ‘Exec format error’.


so well… there’s no help: the forum would need more information about your server, your setup, your environment, logfiles, setup-/security-errors… etc.

Ok, you are on a standard architecture.
As there seems to be nobody else discussing the problem, the issue might be related to your setup.

Did you already check the file permissions on the allfontsgen binary? Is the linux account that runs your NC allowed to run the binary (and to write the results it creates)?
Is there more information to be found in the logs of NC?


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