Nextcloud 18: ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

I’m a new one for Nextcloud community.

I installed nextcloud on ubuntu server.

when I try to open document to a spreadsheet, I got next error:
ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

I have this error when I try to open a doc or spreadsheet.
I have reinstalled Onlyoffice bit the error is still there.

Also, I have checked, that the Community Document Server is installed and enabled.


  • Nextcloud Server is 18.0.4
  • Community Document Server is 0.1.5
  • ONLYOFFICE is 4.14
  • Operation System is Ubuntu server 18.04

I found the problem!
there was a wrong settings for ONLYOFFICE. Document Editing Service address was wrong. it refers to http host without domain name.

When I changed it to my https URL with domain name it was fixed it.

Hi. I’m having the same problem. Please elaborate what you mean by http host without domain name, and please give an example of what you changed it to

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I had the same issue. It’s in Nextcloud settings under Onlyoffice after installation.

For further details how to fixed, help other don’t understand the solution, I share this screenshot
sorry I’m not able to upload the screenshot at this moment

in Nextcloud setting

Onlyoffice > Server settings > Change ‘http’ to ‘https’