Nextcloud 18.0.7 and group folders and file activity

Hello Nextcloud Friends,

I’m new here on the forum, but i have right now a problem/question.
We using Nextcloud 18.0.7 with Group Folders, it works very good with the rights, but we have a problem with the file and folder activity.

When we share a folder normal, we can see who change and make files and folders in nextcloud. But with the Group Folder app, we doesn’t see any activity of files and folders in the Group Folders.

Are there more people who have this issue? Or can you help me to get the activity of files and folders for group folders?


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I have the very similar problem. On group folders I see only my activities, not other users activities.


Hello Friend,

We have resolve this issue… When you go to the following site:"

And go to ## Activities in groupfolders, then you see the following text.

By default activities in groupfolders are only generated for the current user. This is due to the logic of groupfolders. There is a config flag activity_use_cached_mountpoints that makes activities in groupfolders work like in normal shares when set to true .

When you put this in the config file of nextcloud you see all the activities from all users, when you use group folders.

I hope it works also by you, and i hope to hear from you.


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Hello Johnny,

thanks for the great advice. It works exactly as descibed.

Have a nice day,