NextCloud 17 not offering update to 18

Hello, we have a virtual machine with NextCloud 17.0.2. but the update to version 18 is not yet offered
Is version 18 still in beta?

Thank you

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See announcement and read last section of “Videos” at

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As usual, upgrades only start to roll out after we’ve waited for initial feedback on the release, and roll-out is incremental so it can take a while until it is your turn. You can always update immediately by changing to the beta release channel, which serves 18.0.0 right now, and move back after the update!

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thank you all

I still do not get an offer to update to 18. one of my servers are still on 17.0.4
I have updated it 3 times from 17.1 and so one, but not even in beta channel , i have been asked to udate to 18

Hi, I have the same problem like @B4x4

I have all my nextclouds on 17.06 but my Webinterface and also the CLI Updater are not offering me the next version, wheter on stable nor on beta channel.

Is there something to put in the config or somewhere else ?

nextcloud/upsater folder
sudo -u www-data php updater.phar

Already did this.

It might be possible that this problem is due tue the fact that I still use php 7.1.
Im upgrading noch to 7.2 and than I will see if this works

Yupp. That was what I did, but I fu#ed up, and needed som tlc to get it up again.

First I upgraded php til 7.4.
Then did the. Phar upgrade.
That killed mysql.
Reinstalled that, and… Wow…
It works and it’s updated… :+1::+1::grin::grin:


Hi, I just wanted to tell u that I can NOW update to Version 18 , also with Web Updater.

The Problem was the php Version. Now with Nextcloud running under php7.2, my webinterface is telling me that 18 is available.

I also did a manual upgrade which worked fine.

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