Nextcloud 17.0.1 is here, updates to 15 and 16 also out

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Nextcloud image showing number 17

New minor releases of the Nextcloud server have been made available. As always, these include stability and security improvements that are designed to be a safe and quick upgrade. Of note is the availability of Nextcloud 17.0.1, bringing some 50 improvements to our latest release and preparing for general availability in our updater!

Running web facing software without regular updates is risky. Please stay up to date with Nextcloud releases of both the server and its apps, for the safety of your data! Customers can always count on our upgrade support if needed!

Nextcloud 17.0.1: over 50 improvements

This first minor release brings a wide range of minor improvements that fix corner case bugs, updates translations or deals with small design flaws. Fixes include:

Nextcloud 16.0.6 and 15.0.13 benefited from similar fixes, though far fewer in number. You can find the full 17.0.1, 16.0.6 and 15.0.13 changelogs on our website..

Stay safe: keep your server up-to-date!

Minor Nextcloud releases are security and functionality bug fixes, not rewrites of major systems that risk user data! We also do extensive testing, both in our code base and by upgrading a series of real-world systems to the test versions. This ensures that upgrades to minor releases are painless and reliable. As the updates not only fix feature issues but also security problems, it is a bad idea to not upgrade!

This is, of course, also true for apps: Keeping them updated has security benefits, besides the new features and other bug fixes.

If you are maintaining a mission-critical Nextcloud system for your enterprise, it is highly recommended that you get yourself some insurance (and job security… who gets blamed if the file handling system isn’t working as expected?). A hotline to the core Nextcloud developers is the best guarantee for reliable service for your users, and the job safety of you as system administrator.

I’m trying to update manually. The verification file can’t be confirmed.

sha256sum: nextcloud-17.0.1.tar.bz2.sha256: no properly formatted SHA256 checksum lines found

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I cannot confirm your findings, because it works as expected:

> sha256sum -c nextcloud-17.0.1.tar.bz2.sha256
nextcloud-17.0.1.tar.bz2: OK
> sha512sum -c nextcloud-17.0.1.tar.bz2.sha512
nextcloud-17.0.1.tar.bz2: OK
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For users of NC15:
Please note that version 15 is running out of support in December this year. There will be another minor update next month. Please test and plan an upgrade to NC 16!

The whole timeline:

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The checksum verification is now complete.


Is anyone looking at the cron not running issue?

And when will this hit

Is out about 3 hours now, so a couple of hours after your message.

Thanks @GuidoD . I have updated my docker image. still doesn’t work in that image tho. I ended up setting up webcron.

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