Nextcloud 16 Beta 2 arrived!

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In more testing news, we have put the second beta of Nextcloud 16 online! And again, we look forward to your feedback on bugs and help with polishing this release! Maybe running the beta through its paces will make for a good weekend project?

We want to make sure that upgrades and day to day usage are easy and smooth, but any other input is welcome, too.

Nextcloud 16 beta 2 (zip)

What’s new

We can’t yet reveal what is new, but you can see for yourself by installing the beta of course. And we can use your help, we have our automated tests and it has gotten some basic smoke testing but no test scheme can replace the myriad of ways you all use Nextcloud, on NAS devices to big iron servers!

Besides testing, your help is also welcome in polishing. Small UI improvements, fixes to details – and of course bugfixes! If you are new to Nextcloud, you’re more than welcome to get involved – simply join us on github or check out this page on our website. Note that translations are very welcome too! Now is the time to translate and make sure 16 is ready for as big a number of users as possible. We have millions of users and they don’t all read English!

If you are on the beta channel, we will make beta 2 for 16 available soon, stay tuned!

Thanks Team!

Although, the web updater will tell you that there is an update, when you actually go to update, nothing is found :confused:



Just thought you might like to know. And again, there are plenty of other ways to update…

I’ve had notification to update to 15.0.06, but surprise ! after closing the maintenance mode to finish the update, it is the version !

And this version has totally screw up my nextcloud server ! I’m even not able to connect it anymore, i’ve only an error message :

Just updated my test instance and update worked well.

Have you changed the update channel before upgrading?

NC16 RC1 seems quite slow. Has anyone noticed a decrease in performance?