Nextcloud 16.0.1 behind Fritzbox -> NGINX Proxy Manager -> NextcloudVM /Debian11on ESXi7

I can reach my Nextcloud on Esxi with local IP

I put in the credentials in NPM → bad gateway

But when I put in the IP of an old version also running on the same server at V 25.0.6
I can see the login screen with my domain from NPM.

I checked the config.php, it is identical except Passwords.

I spent hours to get this working.
What the hell could be the reason for this behavior.

I think it must be a little stupid mistake.
Hope for help.
Many THX.

But locally, you are using port 80? I don’t really get the point of the second screenshots with the custom location, is that for local access (for the firewall?)? Or you need the custom location first and then create the forwarding from outside to it?

@Witzker Sorry I can’t help you with the proxy settings. But you might want to change the title from NRM to NPM or better write it in full: NGINX Proxy Manager, so people can see at first glance what this is about.

Maybe it is also worth searching the forum, because I think we already had at least a few posts about NPM here …

Good luck.

THX for the hint :wink:

I dont know either about port 80
Fact is that these settings work with old nextcloud VM IP
But not with new VM IP
So this should not be the point of the Problem?
What do you think?

What is NRM? Who generates the bad gateway messages, the router, the nginx proxy manager or the webserver of your Nextcloud setup?

Bad gateway is just generic message from NGINX that it can’t reach the backend

Was your use of port 433 (versus 443) intentional?

Also, to clarify: are you saying both of these work for you from your local network:


But when you try to access from outside your local network (and therefore via your NGINX Proxy Manager and Fritzbox) using these URLs that you get a bad gateway:


THX for taking care!
MY post is Messi!

The problem is:

I have an Old and a New VM with Nextcloud.
I want to switch to the new VM.

The old VM was reachable from NPM for months without problems.
To change to the new VM I have simply exchanged the IP from old VM to New VM, in NPM, and now I get a Bad Gateway.
I renewed the Let’s encrypt Certificate - that worked - BUT only for a Day, next day I have Bad Gateway again.

Can it be that the new Nextcloud VM already brought some certificate at installation, so that the Let’s encrypt certificate is cancelled somehow?

What is strange that if I ask for new Certificate It’s working immediately but nextday …

No help☹️
Can you pls… recommend another forum to get this solved?