Nextcloud 15 - Persistent "File could not be found"

Nextcloud 15
Ubuntu 16.04 (in LXC container)
Apache 2.4.37
PHP 7.2
The issue you are facing:
Logging in - I see a persistent “File could not be found” notification, even after an occ files:scan --all

The notification appears after MOST (not all) logins.

I have seen this on different installs of NC 15 on different machines.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Nothing in the log file for this and it doesn’t seem to affect operational performance.

Have you checked the logs for what the actual problem is?

No entry in the logs associated with this notification. Very odd. I don;t get the error 100% of the time. In the browser, I briefly see this message (I might not have this exactly right, as it flashes the url very briefly):

then the notification appears and the URL is changed to something like

@wizlon This behaviour is not limited to Nextcloud 15. I have the same notification with my Nextcloud 14.05 server. Did you find a solution for this?

My logs are clean and I have no clue what is going wrong…

@wizlon I think I found out what caused the problem. This is how I can reproduce the notification:

If user2 uses the URL without the redirect ( Nextcloud has no notification.

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same here.

has anyone posted this on github?

ALSO - check to make sure you don’t have any sync clients polling too much. If a sync client is changing a file rapidly (or trying to) it can cause a file lock which might give the same error. I found that out the hard way when the nextcloudcmd command line app was stuck trying to sync a file. It kept a lock on it essentially all the time.

Just a heads up to say that I am also getting this behaviour on Nextcloud version 18.0.4. It started after I uploaded a profile picture as admin and then, when logging on as a different user on the same PC, the message appears as shown here.


The problem seems to have eased once I removed the profile picture from the ADMIN account.

So - Having a profile picture as a USER but NOT an admin seems to be a workaround to avoid the error message. If you have a profile picture as an admin, this seems to cause this issue irrespective of the users profile picture situation.