Nextcloud 15 new installation- can not log in

Hi everyone,

I am new to nextcloud so please bear with me.
I have installed the latest version of nextcloud on my shared hosted space under a subdomain.
After the installation I can not log in using the admin user name.

and I am getting this message:

Access through untrusted domain

Please contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, edit the “trusted_domains” setting in config/config.php like the example in config.sample.php.

Further information how to configure this can be found in the documentation.

I Dont know what to do, I have tried to change a number of things on the config.php but nothing is working

Please help

did you changed in config.php under

<?php $CONFIG = array ( something like this?: 'trusted_domains' => array ( 0 => 'yourDomain', 1 => 'yourIP', ),
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Hi Norry,

thanks for the interest, Yes I did.
After it did not work I also added the main domain to test it but no change.

I really dont know what else to do any other Ideas are very welcome

Did you add the complete domain, like so?

'trusted_domains' => array (
    0 => '',
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yes I did try it I have also tried to put the IP by itself and in combination with the domain.

Thanks for help

If you can, post the verbatim values you are using and the exact URL you are entering in your browser.