Nextcloud 15 2FA issues

Just install Nextcloud 15 on my raspberry pi board. Everything installed nicely with a few tweeks. The only issue I’m having right now is I can’t seem to get 2FA working properly. If I enforce 2FA, the only option is to use the backup codes as 2FA. I was hoping for another option other than backup codes. Am I missing something? Do I need to install/configure something else?

Depends what you want to use as a second factor. Just install the corresponding app (or write your own if you are missing a method). Here a few (just some examples, no complete list!):

Got it. Sorry for the noobie question. Lots to learn. Loving the app. Would like a 2FA that emails a code just in case of phone loss. Is there an app for that?

Thanks again. :grinning:

Just check the app store, there you can find a lot of stuff. For more information about an app, there are links to the code (where you can see a more detailed description):

Just found it. It is an unstable app. I upgraded to 15.0.2 thinking that it might be there and not luck. The app authentication is not not supported by 15.0.2. Not a big deal, I can still use it. Still everything is working fine so far. Just have to master the backups and I’m gold.

Still the best app for a Dropbox replacement I’ve seen ever. I would like to be an active member of the community to further the development of this app on the Raspberry Pi for the home user.

Thanks again for your help.

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Great, welcome to the community. There are many ways to contribute:

Hi SimpleRick,
how do you get this app working in Nextcloud 15?
Thanks a lot

No I didn’t. The developer stopped working on it and doesn’t have any plans to either. I thought about working on it, but time is always a problem during the summer.

I’ve been using Google Authenticator for the time being.

O.k., thanks for the info :wink:

how can I use Google Authenticator for nextcloud…thank you