Nextcloud 14 stable - when exactly?

According to

it should be today, because its already 06.09.2018 in GMT+1.
Why there is no timezone on this page?

with every (major)release there seems to be a smiliar discussion about when it’s gonna come.
and the always same answer is: when it’s ready and when devs think that they could release it to a broader audience. it might take longer than the publishing-dates indicate.

and for me it’s always more important to have a more stable release with less bugs than having it earlier with more bugs because it couldn’t be tested enough due to a self-given release-date.

if you can’t wait… you better use the beta-channel.


yeah, but it is already released
but not visible in web update.

ok. so you need to wait.
usually devs will push it to a parts of users, first… not to all. to avoid long download-times and server-breakdowns due to too many download-requests

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Just be a bit patient. A release must be prepared: upload sources, prepare release announcement, perhaps some last time checks before it gets hot. If you are interested about the new features, you can always participate in the beta and RC versions and test them. It’s a good way of testing everything that is important for you (apps included).


See also: Nextcloud server releases on GitHub.

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We announced it today:

let me add:

If you want Nextcloud 14 but prefer to use the updater, note that it will take time before Nextcloud 14 is available there. We roll out incrementally, that is, today only 20% of the Nextcloud installations gets notified. If no problems are found, we will add another 20% or so later this week and probably go full out next week. Patience, or manual installation!

Something funny, i got notified that 14.0 is available, but when i try to update, it tells me i am on latest version!

I got the notification a couple of days ago.
It showed as being available on the admin settings page.
I held off as I’m averse to going to a .0 version quickly.
Today it tells me that I’m at 13.0.6 and I’m up to date.

same here…

It would be a nice feature to add the story on incremental release (20%, then another 20% etc.) as an (i) on the admin settings page. I completely understand and agree with the release methods, but showing some information while doing this, could save a lot of questions. Or maybe a release counter, so you can see when it’s your turn?

I recommend to wait for the .0.1 or 0.2 Version. My expeiriences with 0.0 Versions were mostly bad.

Not correctly working plugins, or other issues, as, not usable UI etc.

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I agree on waiting with upgrade if you have an important production site. However, if not I would recommend to take a backup and upgrade. Otherwise the detection of bugs will not happen.

I had no issues in upgrading from 13.0.6 to 14.0.0. Used these instructions

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Of course, if everyone waits, nothing will happen, but there a many user who can’t. :slight_smile:

Additional to that, I have to migrate from nextant to elastic, so I don’t push that too hard.

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