Nextcloud 14 now available with Video Verification, Signal/Telegram 2FA support, Improved Collaboration and GDPR compliance

Looks like the poor access rights management features are still alive… :frowning: When will we get a decent feature to protect our folders/files as we can do with any system?

I don’t say that tags are useless, but most administrators would love being able to say “this folder is read-only for groups DEV/TEST/SUPPLY, but read-write for HR/ADMIN”! This is a basic feature we really miss!

Or provide at least a plugin or function to add tags to existing folders and files (a posteriori)!

Thanks in advance!

You can try the Group Folders App:

It does exactly what you are asking for.

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Seems like upgrading is a pain for many but I can confirm the Nextcloud 14 release is a MASSIVE improvement!!! Thanks for getting a workable solution for privacy, I think we are moving towards ready for more mainstream use now, certainly if Nextcloud can keep up this momentum.

hi, I’still not ensure of it, seem in testing, I’m waiting it too
bye Alfredo