Nextcloud 14 - missing feature for add group in user managament

Am I missing something?! I can not find option to “add group” in user management in nextcloud 14. The only way I could add a group was with dummy user using OCC.
occ user:add --display-name=“something” --group=“group1” --group=“group2” some_user

I only see “+ New user” whereas in NC13 there was “+ Add group”.
NC 14 image:

NC 13 image:

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after creating a user, you can create a group. Write down the group name under Groups, then a + appears and you can add the group.

I think this new feature is also stupid. I want it back like NC13.

The setting to disable/enable send Email to a new user is missing too, see


pls file this as an issue on github, as well

I agree. This is a pretty bad UX regression. I am new to Nextcloud and I just actually had to google for how to create user groups. This is so badly hidden and not obvious at all.

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I tried to add 2 user with “friend” and “friends” group :sweat_smile:
Anyway I like this design as I don’t need to create all group first

Why not both? :thinking:
Having a button to add group and create the group directly in the user group field

This is really not obvious, and making it worse, it is not documented. The docs still mention an “Add Group button at the top of the left pane”.

I failed at creating groups and found the solution just here. So, Thank you!

(I submitted an issue on github.)