NextCloud 14 - Default Share Permissions?

Can anyone explain what the new ‘default share permissions’ within Settings > Sharing in NC 14 is and how they work?

I’d love a setting that allowed admins to change the default permissions on new share links (ie, all public share links are created as ‘file drop’ by default).

Does this ‘default share permissions’ achieve this?

Does anyone know anything about the new ‘Default Share Permissions’ options in Settings > Sharing on NextCloud 14?

The NextCloud 14 documentation doesn’t seem to have been updated to include any information on these options. :frowning_face:

I am kind of bumping this, since I stumbled upon the same option and could not find anything in the documentation. Does anyone know anything more specific about these options?

Available are:

  • Create
  • Change
  • Delete
  • Share

But no documentation or hint what these exactly do.

Damn, really guys?

Here for the same reason, no explanation as to what these option do.

These are being disabled until someone can informs us as to their use.