Nextcloud 14: Collaboration features help you get work done

Adding a note to a share

File sync and share is evolving - working with others is becoming more and more important. You don’t share a document simply for somebody else to download it, you want them to give you feedback on it, or make changes! As with every release, Nextcloud 14 made progress in this area. We added notes to shares, searching in comments, recovery of files, a new app in our Goupware suite and much more.

Enhanced sharing

You could already comment on files, but a share can now have a note attached as well. And you can search for files by content of comments, so if you don’t remember the name but something you said about it, it will pop up!

If somebody shared a file with you and you accidentally deleted it, you’ll now be able to recover it: there is a new overview of shares in the sidebar, also showing those you deleted.

Federation is the name of our technology to share between Nextcloud servers, and in Nextcloud 14, it has been extended to allow sharing to groups on another server! Other changes will allow the Calendar, Contacts and Talk apps to come with updates which let you share Calendars or contacts between users on different servers, or make a video call from a user on one Nextcloud server to another!

Event info, favorites and files in the chat.

Talk and Groupware Talking of video calls, there have been a lot of improvements in Talk and some big new improvements are still coming. Here's an overview of what is new and better:
  • Possibility to join without Camera/Microphone
  • Backend integration: MCU, SIP-Bridge, ext. Signaling
  • Allow to join multiple chats in different browser tabs at the same time
  • Conversation list is now sorted by last activity (rather than own visit)
  • Conversations can be pinned to the top of the conversation list
  • Chat works without requesting Camera/Microphone
  • Participants can be @mentioned in the chat now
  • Number of unread chat messages + special highlight when you got mentioned in conversation list
  • System chat messages (basically inline activity stream for the respective conversation)
  • Chat in the mobile apps

The Nextcloud Groupware suite introduces resource booking in the calendar app. A major area of improvement has been the Deck app, a digital Kanban board, which has now officially been added to Nextcloud Groupware. It features integration with Nextcloud Files and offers an easy to use tool for teams to plan their projects. Learn more about what Deck can do in this blog post!

Checkboxes in Deck
Dragging an attachment

Very nice and useful enhancement. Thanks for the video!

Still no plan to make progress on file locking / badge to know if somebody else is editing a document at the same time?

@sisim - in what app? If you’re not using Collabora or OnlyOffice (which let multiple users edit at the same time), you might try W2G2 which offers the lock/badge features for any given file.
Regarding building this app in by default, I assume the lock workflow is hard to support consistently over the different ways of using Nextcloud - I have no idea whether/how you would do locks like that over WebDAV in a universally compatible way, for example.

If W2G2 doesn’t solve your use case, you can post a new thread to suggest something that would, or to see what others use in lieu.

Hello @mactrent

W2G2 is nice, but it locks file in the Web UI, not on the desktop. That’s not easy in real life.

Threads already exist, they are actively discussed on Github: WebDav file locking to prevent overwrites (, and [Feature request] Badge to see if a file is opened by another user (

Hey there…

some 2 hours ago you wrote

I would also like to see a feature like in
It has been Open for almost 2 years now. We have experienced multiple data loss and overrides. Could you please implement that? We need it as soon as possible.
RSM Poland

I hardly believe that a “news” that was posted 2 years ago presenting all the news for NC14 would be the right place to complain about a feature that is still open in the code.

so someone complained about your posting being at the wrong place… and yes, it indeed is. so it got deleted.
you could file something like that again… best would be to ask directly under the posted github-issue (since in this case there’s nothing that someone from the forum can do about it).

be prepared to the following arguements:

  • nc14? it’s past highest time to update to a recent version (nc 19 just got released) since all the sercurity issues of nc <16 has been made official in the meanwhile… meaning: your instance might contain some security-problems.
  • you’re talking about “we” - which would imply that you’re speaking for a company. you could buy longterm support from nextcloud gmbh… just give them a call and get your quote. plus: they would maybe even fix the issue you’ve posted. talk to them. talking and asking is always free :slight_smile:

good luck!

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