Nextcloud 14 - basic features **urgent request**

After Installation of Nexcloud 14.0.3 and found the following features missing / not working:

  • Root-option to activate / deactivate “change password” option per user (URGENT)
    Reason: if root defines users and strong passwords and doesn’t want the user to change.
  • Root-definable “home folder” per user and / or group (URGENT)
    Reason: if users or groups should not see files or directories in the main “Directory”.
  • user-shares should be be located in their individual “home folder” (see above, URGENT).
  • user and group-rigths should be “weighted” - if user “one” is member of group “AAA” and this group is assigned special lower rights (no deleting, no editing, no sharing etc.) and assigned to folder “alpha”, user one gets the above rights (by the group assignment). If - in parallel - the user is assigned directly to folder “alpha” and gets “full rights”, he should get the “higher user rights” (e. g. full access). In reality, he gets the lowest rights. (URGENT).
  • nested folders should be assignable to different user rights: /Folder_level1 (read only) for user “one”, /Folder_level2 (below /Folder_level1) (full access) and so on. This should also be possible for groups (URGENT).

Can anyone of the developers take care for this basic needs?

Thanks in advance.