Nextcloud 14.0.4 Calendar sharing 404 on ical-download

Since yesterdays update to 14.0.4 all of our shared calendars report 404 using the previously working ical-urls.
sharing still works using the calendar app. all calendars are shown here.
but using http to fetch ical-files works only for the requesting users calendars.

anyone facing the same issue?

I use a shared calendar that I normally access using Thunderbird via WebDav

Yesterday I upgraded from 14.0.3 to 14.0.4 - and some Apps - including Calendar from 1.6.3 to 1.6.4.

I can no longer access the calendar from Thunderbird,

I can log onto Nextcloud and read the calendar via the browser and Calendar app.

Clearly this is not the same technical content as your case, but remote access to the Nextcloud calendar is no longer possible after a simple upgrade.

Actually I think this is the same issue.
Since I’m fetching the data using a HTTP-Url I assume the underlying technology is WebDav.

Very annoying since the calenders are shown on a big infoscreen which is now empty…

I don’t have this problem. Could you post the URL you are using?

EDIT: the URL that works in my setup is:

[URI] can be looked up in table oc_calendars (prefix might be different than oc_ in your setup)

I also don‘t have this problem. I use shared calendars and still my client fetches the data correctly. I am using Mac OS / iOS calendar though and not Thunderbird…


where USERNAME2 was the name of the sharing user (as in your example)

I can verify that YOUR format works.
Still i don’t like the change

Ah, that link is the download link for the owner of the calendar. My posted link is the download link for the subscriber.
Both links work in my setup (as they did before upgrading to 14.0.4). Strange that the owner link doesn’t work for you anymore.

I see.
But until 14.0.4 you could use the personal link with the credentials of the shared user as well. I guess that was an unintended glitch and was fixed now.

Now I understand. Thanks for clarifying.

Hi guys, it seems you have something up and running that fits my usecase.
Would you mind checking my post and pointing me in the right direction?
Thank you!