Nextcloud 14.0.0 Beta 3 ready for testing!


We just packaged the third beta release for our upcoming Nextcloud 14 version.

You can find as usually on our download server in the prerelease folder:

Again we managed to fix a lot of issues. Most small but also some bigger ones. Thanks to everybody that tested the previous betas so far and reported issues. Please give beta 3 a go as well.

As always: have a backup and know where the docs are to do a rollback ( for example).

We would ask you for your feedback on this - best is to have it directly on Github - we already added a label for the issues reported especially regarding the Nextcloud 14 beta: “14-beta-feedback” ( so we can actually focus to polish the Nextcloud 14 release.

For known bugs and a list of stuff that is scheduled for the beta 4 you can have a look at the overview ticket at [ 10605]( 10605)

Happy testing!


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Just upgraded a test installation to NC 14. No issues. But I also can’t see any changes. Am I missing something?

on NC 14 Beta 2 and Beta 3, when i open a pdf document, the acrobat menu is no longer present (Save / Print). Bug or normal !!

Thanks for your support


Upgraded test installation. I miss OnlyOffce app which is not compatible. Otherwise no issues so far,

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Yep, Also miss OnlyOffice compatibility for me to upgrade to Beta at work.
But great job :slight_smile:

Just updated to Nextcloud 14.0.0 beta 3 from 14.0.0 beta 1, will keep testing in the next days and keep you posted.


I just ran into a small issue during the update process, submitted here, take a look at it when you get the chance.

Btw, let me know if the t-shirt contest is still on :slight_smile: