Nextcloud 14.0.0 Beta 1 is here ๐Ÿš€

Hey there,

we just packaged the first beta release for our upcoming Nextcloud 14 version.

You can find as usually on our download server in the prerelease folder:

There are a lot of changes in this release. Most of them are under the hood and involve restructuring as well as polishing. Many tiny fixes and improvements to the file handling also went in. All in all a release with a lot of small improvements.

As this is the first beta version be well prepared to have a bumpy start with it, but in general it should work quite good. We already did some tests on real instances and they looked promising. Nevertheless this is a beta release :wink:

As always: have a backup and know where the docs are to do a rollback ( for example).

We would ask you for your feedback on this - best is to have it directly on Github - we already added a label for the issues reported especially regarding the Nextcloud 14 beta: โ€œ14-beta-feedbackโ€ ( so we can actually focus to polish the Nextcloud 14 release.

We also added it to the updater server in the beta channel. This time it will not show up to all users by default, because we enabled this only for ~20% of the update requests. Itโ€™s just to prevent a lot of people run into the same problem.

For known bugs and a list of stuff that is scheduled for the beta 2 you can have a look at the overview ticket at

Happy testing :tophat:



Small notes:

  1. Current circles from the appstore does not work with this beta yet (we will work to fix this)
  2. Since we changed some layouts elements not all apps display correctly (we are also working on this to fix it)
  3. Since we also did a lot of UI work regressions (or obvious) bugs in that direction are also very welcome to be submitted, if possible try to include screenshots of the issues
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is @jospoortvliet giving out t-shirts and/or other gimmicks again for every bug found? :smiley:

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@JimmyKater weโ€™ll probably do that for Beta2, Iโ€™ve had a look at a daily build the day before Beta 1 was packaged and my feeling is weโ€™d run out of t-shirts fast :see_no_evil:

Nothing super critical but there are loads of small thingies to fix, perhaps instead we should offer t-shirts for every PR that fixes one :wink:

thatโ€™s said nowโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

uh-oh. even more challengingโ€ฆ :clown_face:

what do you think of this idea instead:
small bugs - t-shirt size โ€œsโ€
medium bugs - size โ€œmโ€
large ones - size โ€œlโ€
prs - size โ€œx(xxxxx)lโ€ :wink:


but to be a bit (just a bit, only) more serious: i think i was wrong and you offerend a shirt for every found bug in release-candidatesโ€ฆ so that would be fair, i guess

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Yeah, we usually did it for RCโ€™s, to cover upgrade bugs specifically.

But how about this. For beta 2 (and up), you can earn a t-shirt if you get a successful PR in.
For RC, if you find an upgrade bug!

Iโ€™ll make sure to announce that next week, then, when B2 is out :smiley:


I am quite willing to try out Beta 1 but I do not find information which Apps will work and which wonยดt.

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Find instructions how to set up Nextcloud 14 beta:
Instruction to test Nextcloud 14 beta


Jep, update of Can I update? app would be great.

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If you want to try nc14 in a save environment:

curl -s | /bin/bash
ansible-pull --clean --force --checkout devel -d /root/nextcloud -i 'nextcloud' -U nextcloud.yml -e "next_archive=" -e "fqdn=$(hostname -f)" -e "ssl_certificate_type=selfsigned" -e "talk_install=false" -e "install_collabora=true" -e "dhparam_numbits=1024"

do not use in production. will destroy your maschine forever. :wink:

use a new installed ubuntu16/18 in a virtual box.
maybe centos7 and/or debian 9 is also working. raspi doesnโ€™t. I couldnโ€™t find php7.2 packages for raspi.
if $(hostname -f) is not the real fqdn of the server replace it with the real one.

if running on the internet and have a working dns setup you can use something like the following:
-e "ssl_certificate_type=letsencrypt" -e "" -e ""

can i update wonโ€™t be updated since i was told that NC14 covers this subject itself

Update for the app was just shipped :+1:. Even if it is integrated with NC14, it makes sense to close the gap for 13 -> 14 updates.

App works like a charm, sadly with the result that I canโ€™t update my system yet. But will test on VM :slight_smile:.

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Just updated to this version, did some simple functionality tests and all seems ok.
I wanted to mentioned that I run into a small issue while updating using the web GUI, which I reported here.

fun fact: after a fresh installation nextcloud complains that the cron job runs last time 48 years ago. :sunglasses:

what about talk and collabora online app. are they working now? yesterday and today in the morning they didnโ€™t install.

Any hint how to upgrade?

This version of Nextcloud requires at least PHP 7.0
You are currently running 5.6.32-nmm1. Please update your PHP version.

Server runs with PHP 7.1 as CGI/FPM on a shared host. Upgrades worked well before.

Someone tried the new groupware features? Itโ€™s possible to invite people to events in calendar and so on. First problem i noticed: Invitee can confirm the calendar event but the event owner gets no information about that confirmation.

But in general. I really like that groupware integration. Also the resourcebooking is great although it needs a lot of polishing. :sunny:

Super easy way to take it for a test drive: snap install nextcloud --channel=14/beta. Also makes it easy to test the upgrade process:

  1. snap install nextcloud which will install v13
  2. Set it up the way you want
  3. snap refresh nextcloud --channel=14/beta which will upgrade to v14 beta1.

First thing I noticed is that the contacts app is a bit garbled (both a fresh install of v14 beta1 as well as an upgrade from v13):

@MorrisJobke is end to end encryption going to be stable for the 14 release ? Would that mean the end to server side restricted files ?

Is it possible to see changelogs for NC14 ? I could not find anything in from the on NC14 beta1

After running the 14.0.0 Beta 1 update from 13.0.5, I get this at the main screen:

โ€œThe files of the app External user support (user_external) were not replaced correctly. Make sure it is a version compatible with the server.โ€

There are no username/password boxes and no way that I can see to login with a Nextcloud local account.

Hi guys

Not been able to test yet in vmware, but had anyone tested the fix for the android app and video streaming.

Previously it would only download the video first, the fix should be in this version to stream to android instead