Nextcloud 13 and NFS3 - file lock


I’ve two nc13 Nodes behind a ha-proxy loadbalancer and both nodes should act as an active-activ cluster. Both nc nodes should use an datadomain with two NFS(3!) shares. One for nextcloud and one for data-directory.

NFS3 has no file locking :confused: So I’m not sure if my setup will work.
'cause if I try to install nc, I run into an error, 'cause nc can’t put
an lock on config.php and can’t do this on my NFS3 exported filesystem.

Were it O.k. to install nectcloud local (i.e. gluster-fs) and use NFS3
for all user datas?

Every hint is welcome!


Pfff, I don’t know details of this - I think most customers have NFS3 mounted and that should work, but to be sure - this is a question for the support team which has lots of NFS and gluster etc experience :wink:

If you want to do a PoC to check if Nc is suitable for your situation, you should contact sales - we can help with that.