NextCloud 12 - SSO & SAML authentication - app can't be activate


I installed NextCloud 12 on CentOS 7 with PostgreSQL 9.4 and PHP 7.1 - all looks great with a small problem:

I downloaded SSO & SAML authentication from
I can see this app in disabled aplications list - but i can’t activate it

Link from this app page to forum doesn’t work -

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Nobody met this problem?

I posted this problem on GitHub

Please help!

Did you install it from the app-store? I have a similar setup (Apache2, PostgreSQL 9.5, php 7.1, Nextcloud12) and it is no problem to activate it.

I download the app from
and i also tryied with GitHub master version.

on gitHub i recived this answer an it is correct.

“LukasReschke commented 3 days ago • edited
The app is not officially compatible with PHP 7.1 at the moment. I’d recommend trying PHP 7.0.”

App SSO & SAML it works with PHP 7.0, but when i trying to give admin rights to users {from settings / users} i receive this error (from LDAP app)

How you install the app ?

For php was installed:
yum install mod_php71w php71w-cli
yum install php71w-mysql php71w-pgsql php71w-pecl-zip php71w-xml php71w-mbstring php71w-gd php71w-ldap php71w-posix php71w-imap

Have you a different choice?

Thank you very much sir!

Completely remove the manually installed plugin first.

Then log into nextcloud, press the “gear” button on the top right, find the “+apps” button and thus enter the build in app repository. Find the user_saml app (check the categories on the left) and click on the button below it and wait shortly.

That’s all :wink: