Nextcloud 12 = Invalid quota value "0"


i updated my Nextcloud from version 11 to 12.
Now i cant set the User Quota Limit to 0 to prevent Users from uploading files.

Error Message: Invalid quota value “0”

Any Ideas?

Nextcloud version: 12
Operating system: Debian 9, Apache2
PHP version: 7


i have got the same problem (php 5.6 ) . On NC 11 quota of 0 was OK. Now in NC 12 quota of 0 can not be set via the gui.
If the quota is set on database table for a user with the value 0 it works. Upload of files is not possible anymore and a info box pops up “storage is full. No upload of files possible”

It would be nice to make it possible to set the quota via the GUI to zero. (like in NC 11)

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If something suddenly breaks after an upgrade, report it here:

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try setting it to 1kb

Done. Thx :slight_smile:

I think there are a couple of issues referencing this actually on GH, I made one of them too.


There is already a fix to test :wink: