Nextcloud 12 in stable channel?


do anyone know how long to take until we can upgrade from 11.03 via stable upgrade-channel?


It seems, that the update is rolled out in stages, so some will have it already over the updater, others don’t.
See: NC12 Updater stable release

I’m still waiting for the update for NC12 over the updater as well like you.


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thx - so just waiting… no roadmap / timestamp?

they probably wait for the first minor release (12.0.1 -> and then if there are no major problems, they’ll probably push it. With a new release, not all apps are already prepared for the new version and it can take a bit of time since many are supported by people in their free time.

NC 11 is still supported and well tested, there is no rush in moving to NC 12 on productive systems. When you want to use more current versions, manual upgrades or the updater app are the better choice. Or set up a test instance to get a first feel and look of the new version.

everything is fine - relax. this was no attack :wink:

just waiting for the filelock-funktion. and i know the sense of stable-channels and magic things like testing enviroments :smiley: