Nextcloud 12 can't connect dropbox

i had follow the official guide to setup it, but i got below error.
who also have this issue too?

## Error configuring OAuth1
Fetching request tokens failed. Verify that your app key and secret are correct.

how can i fix it? thanks.

Nextcloud 12.0.5


Since Dropbox is now using only OAuthV2 it´s now only possible with the app from @icewind.
Maybe he can publish this at the app store :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the new app is still extremely buggy, which is why it is not in the app store. Perhaps icewind can advise.

Where did you hear about it? I heard about license problems. Nevertheless it´s working for me.

thanks, I’ll try it.

I got this error, is it is miss some step?
I had put the source in to apps folder then run enable in web portal.

Error: This app can not be enabled because it makes the server unstable

thank you!

I asked on the bug tracker to publish this app and asked for more details:

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Whats the name of the directory in apps/?

I can attest to this. Syncing isn’t consistent in both directions, the main bug that I have observed so far.

the directory name I was used “files_external_dropbox”