Nextcloud 11 log time incorrect

Hello, All my time on my log files is incorrect i have the following under my config.php ‘logtimezone’ => ‘America/Chicago’, Anyone else having this issue?

What do you mean by incorrect?

its not giving the correct timing on when that even happened. Everything else on the server is on the correct time but not the log files.

One more thing i noticed, if i open the log file it shows the correct time but not on the web under logging.

What time should it show and which is actually shown?

It should show 17:26:17 as its on the log file but it shows 11:26:17

Chicago is UTC-6. 11:26:17 is this 11 p.m. (which would be UTC) or 11 a.m. UTC -12 (does this exist?)?
Your server runs on local time? Or UTC?

It’s showing as 11 am but it should be 5 pm which is 17

Under my config.php I’ve set it to America/Chicago

@AndyXheli, Delete timezone setting in config.php.

Thank you I’ll give that a try and let you know if it works out

I had been the same and wondering why the logs was +1 hour.

In config.php the install created ‘logtimezone’ => ‘Europe/Berlin’,

It wasn’t me honest :slight_smile: I just deleted that entry but somehow seem to of lost the log

Where your log file located? Default is where you data folder is. Check and let me know

Also what I would do is go into the directory where the log file and delete the file and trying to log into nextcloud web with the incorrect password that should log something and then log in and check the logs

Actually apols not that log the web log has gone. Its no biggie, I had noticed that the log was out by an hour but it was only till I saw your post that I decided to check things.

Seems like the Germany/Berlin config.php gets configured on install as not sure otherwise how it got there.
I have been copying and pasting from the config_safe so maybe I did… Doh dunno.

I was trying to have Collabora installed for tomorrow to give it a quick demo, but think I will hold back until its working.
Really impressed with NextCloud.

Yeah its in the data directory but cheers for the wrong password idea, top tip :slight_smile:

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