Nextcloud 11.01 - Calendar and Contacts with MacOS and iOS

Hello everyone,

i am facing some challenges while setting up next cloud.
The Server is 11.02 and everything seems to be fine. However, I spent a lot of time trying to get iOS and MacOS to work with Nextcloud via CalDav and CardDav.

I followed some solutions like here, or here. Unfortunately this did not work for me - or i was not able to follow those steps correctly.

  • iOS returns “Verbindung über SSL unmoeglich” something like “impossible to connect via SSL”

  • MacOS returns “Accountname/Passwort konnte nicht geprüft werden” - like “Could not check Username/Password”

  • I tried to set up CardDav and CalDav with Android and DavDroid and here everything works just fine.

  • I used the path provided by Nextcloud like

  • Using Calendars or Contacts without SSL is not an option.

  • Nextcloud is 11.02

  • MacOS is 10.12.2

  • iOS is 10.2

  • I can provide log- / config files - please let me know what exactly you need.

Thank you in advance for any help
Thomas :vulcan:

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I have the same issue on Mac OSX 10.7.5 - I thought it was because of my pre-historic OS….

But I could make it work with Thunderbird and Lightning. Have you tried that?

Thanks for your reply nomad.
Just tried Thunderbird, and it works. So, you are using Thunderbird (only)?

I only used Thunderbird for troubleshooting, to check if it’s an OS issue or not. I prefer the Mac native apps. I also found out that it might depend on the server configuration. I got Mac and iOS working on a different server, not on a VPS but on a shared hosting plan.

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this sounds like a ssl problem.
maybe ssl version problem? SSL3, TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2
or an incompatible certificate? I had to change our certificates from SHA-512 with RSA encryption to SHA-384 with RSA in order to be compatible with some apple users.

Hmmm, will have to check that if this is doable. I just installed NC on my second shared webhosting account, and there it works well. It is only on the VPS it does not work with MacOS and iOS (except Thunderbird)

I have the same issue using Nextcloud 11.0.1 and macOS 10.12.3. Nextcloud is installed on shared hosting. I have not yet tried synchronizing with Thunderbird and Lightning, as I would rather use the builtin calendar.

Edit: The solution at worked for me

###Hello again,

sorry for being away such a long time.
I spent some time for finding a solution again. I changed nextcloud to run on
the root of my webserver after reading this.
Now everything seems to work just fine on my Mac.