Nextcloud 11.0.2 Server In Linux Mint 18.1

I would like to know if anyone has successfully installed Nextcloud to Linux Mint 18.1. I am a little new to Apache 2 and the Linux OS. I have tried multiple guides and have an instance of Nextcloud running through Apache2 but the loading pages seem extremely temperamental. Once i can get a page or two of the nextcloud server to load, it shows i have errors in the server setup. First thing it tells me to do is head to logging and see whats happening. If i can get the page to load (and not throw a 404) it says everything is working properly.

At this point without a log of the problem going through the symptoms is a bit pointless. If anyone has a specific guide that has every step and got it to work i would appreciate the point in the right direction.

Here are a few of the guides i have tried. (This one has gotten me the closest to operational)

Most of the pages seem broken through apache2. the only way i started seeing the pages was after i deleted the Apache2/html folder. Now it is really hit or miss on the pages when before it just went to apache default. I guess any input is welcome.

I used this tutorial and it worked perfectly

Don’t forget to forward ports. Also, once you do that, it may ask you to grant permission to the external IP address to access it. Once you do that it should not ask you again unless the IP address changes.

Also, when installing apache 2, check your server IP address after installation(type it on a browser). This should bring you to a message that it is working properly.

if you want to access the cloud within net work then on a browser type:


If you want to access your cloud outside of network you must first forward ports 443 and 80. Don’t forget to first have it running correclty on your internal network.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will do a fresh install this afternoon and try the guide you have here. The fresh install is only incase all my messing with the install screwed something up. I am experimenting with this on a donor machine before i install it on my “server”. I want to have a working install guide before i fully impliment nextcloud on my home network. Also thank you for outlining the importance of port forwarding.

I had to combine a few tutorials to get this all to work properly. Also edited the Apache2 default conf fine to reflect Nextcloud as my default page. This got me around having to put ********.net/nextcloud. Now i can just point at my domain ********.net and Nextcloud picks up. Not sure if that is anywhere here. Me being new to this, it may be common knowledge.

I use this for Nexcloud 12 server and Linux Mint 18.2