Nextckoud app on android : server unavailable

Hello everyone,

I encounter an issue when I want to use the Nextcloud app on android. In fact after I enter my server URL and my login in the Application, the server is marked as “not available”, like on the next screenshot:


My server is working and is online, I can acces to it from my Iphone and a WEB browser throught a DNS.

The nextcloud app on android is installed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.
The version of android is 10.
The version of the nextcloud app is 3.18.0

I post this new subject because I didn’t find a similar issue, thank you by advance for your reply.

I think this is a similar problem. Please read my post there.
Android client: Server not available

I verified if my android device is in the list on the allowed devices but the problem is not solved.

Can you use a test account or another nextcloud server. Does it work? Is it a problem with Android nextcloud client or nextcloud server?

I tested on a new user on the same server, its worked. The issue is from the targeted user to connect from the android.

Perhaps you can or must remove the session information in your nextcloud web gui
SettingsSecurityDevices & sessions

I deleted all my devives, without success.

I think I found the problem, after some test with new user, its appears that the issue is here only on the user account with a login with space character in their name eg: “Toto TITI” as login. In my case my Nextcloud account have a login with space. The temporary solution to access to my folder is to create another user with a correct login without space character and share all my folder to this user.

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Thanks @devnull it helps.
the problems has been resolved.
Is this a bug? because my iPad doesn’t have such issue.

It is a bug already reported and being worked on, usernames with spaces broke with 3.18, see [3.18.0 bug/regression] (old) usernames with a space lead to "Server not availabe" ("Server not verfügbar") while reading files · Issue #9331 · nextcloud/android · GitHub - to answer the follow-up question, no, I don’t know when the new release be be published.

Thanks for the reply. After changing User account the error message is gone. However, the real issue still persists. I can log into the Android client, but the client can’t access to the server.
It just keeps loading. and never gets into the server.

When can we expect a new version of the app?