Nextant and virtual hosts: Displays search result of wrong vhost

Nextant is mixing the content of virtual hosts together and displays a wrong search result.

I have installed 2 virtual hosts on the server, both of them with Nextcloud and Nextant. Both of them are configured to index pictures as well.


One vhost is for photos and the second one is for ebooks.

I have uploaded a few ebooks to the NC instance for the ebooks and executed

php occ nextant:index

The search result for “Abendwind” is:


On the other vhost, that one for pictures, a search for “Abendwind” gives me

If i click on it, it displays the picture which is the first one of the search result list (20180321_165702.jpg):

but this is wrong, because 20180413_173817.jpg is

As can be seen, both of the pictures have nothing to do with “Abendwind”.

Obviously Nextant is mixing all vhosts together:

How can i setup a separate dataDir for each vhost instead of one big dataDir for all vhosts together @Cult ?

Thank you!

Used software: Ubuntu 16.4 x64 with Nextcloud 13.02, Nextant 1.0.9, Solr 7.3.0, Apache 2.4.18

This issue is the main reason why we switched to elasticsearch; you should use Fulltextsearch instead of Nextant