Nextant 1.0.4 - long time no see

Let’s start that post with the social update:

I am a proud owner of a new mail address: !

Now, we can focus on Nextant:

Important note: a lot of .csv file are crashing Solr. It is adviced to add the .csv extension to the list of extensions to ignore. On fresh install, the .csv extension is ignored by default.


  • enabling Live Index will disable a full re-index after a modification of your filesystem.
  • ./occ nextant:test address core to test a setup with a specific address/core. Usefull for 3rd party installation script.
  • adding is:files to avoid searching withing your deleted files.
  • You can now disable indexing your deleted files (trashbin) from the Admin Interface.


  • Semaphore is no longer supported; Live Index will only be done through Database
  • Postgresql is supported.
  • Fixed a bug with the index of your Bookmarks


  • Added support for https in Solarium endpoint.
  • scripted installation of nextant, you’ll find more in the README.