Nextant 1.0.1 - less bugs, more tools


  • new tool: nextant:pick
  • new compat with Bookmarks 0.9.1
  • bugfixes:
  • remove files_external in admin if module is not enabled.
  • few glitch in command line tools.
  • cleaner exits on empty live queue.
  • error while indexing on encrypted external storage

Version 1.0.0 of Nextant introduce an issue that might let old crontab running. After updating to 1.0.1, please check your process list.

new debug tool: pick

You can get data from Solr regarding a file using its ID:

 ./occ nextant:pick 12345 

will return index data for the file #12345.
To get the ID of a file, display its details (right panel) and click on the icon to display the local link. The number at the end of the shown address if your file ID (

you can add the option –search to confirm that your file will respond to a keyword

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Not sure what the problem is, but 1.0.1 hasn’t fixed a problem I have with 1.0 release. When i click a link after searching for text I get a file not found message.

Search for Baltimore and then clicked the link.


fixed in next release (10.0.2)

you can also get the js/navigate.js and replace it

FYI, I updated the navigate.js on my local install and still have the same problem.

Have you done a full refresh (Ctrl-Shift-R) ?

The update of the /js/navigate.js has fixed the issue on my server …

Full refresh did it.

I assumed restarting the server would have done it, but I guess not!