Next steps for setting up external drive as primary data storage


So many threads on this broad concept, I just get confused.

I have the latest NC14 installed on a Windows 10 VMWare setup, using the Techandme 40Gb package. It was a basic install, no frills, but includes SSL.

I have a 4TB external drive attached and configured as a shared folder in VMWare. I can see it with vmware-hgfsclient. I want to keep it as a shared Windows drive, if possible, because I have a second one set up as a mirror in Windows.

I don’t know 1) how to mount it as a folder ( just says “command not found” even though tools are installed) and 2) which steps are necessary to move ALL user data to that folder (users aren’t created yet, so it needs to be the default).

I appreciate direct steps or anyone who can point me in the right direction. Thanks!